Writing an essay on your phone – pros, and cons

When IBM launched the first smartphone in 1994, codename Simon, which flopped, who could have thought we would all become slaves to our phones. In the United States alone, without factoring work-related purposes, the average adult use their phones for about 5 to 6 hours daily

Our phones hold a central part of our lives, and we rely on them for everything. For instance, a college student looking for essay help could easily get it online using their phones. People at the office could use their phones to send or receive emails. In addition, through our smartphones, we can contact our friends or loved ones who are away from us. 

Don’t get us started on accessing streaming devices or mobile games. The point is, whether, for work or entertainment purposes, our phone takes center stage. Students can now easily begin to type their essays on the various writing apps on their mobile devices. With the problem of deadlines trailing essays, students can now write their papers on the fly. 

However, is this a good thing or a bad thing? As we have mentioned, you can use your phone for different things, work-related or entertainment. Nonetheless, one thing is clear, the attention span suffers. Studies point toward the fact that phones ruin attention span. Still, this doesn’t mean the situation is all bad. However, we’ll let you decide for yourself as we look at the pros and cons of writing essays on your phone. Read on. 

Pros of Writing Essays on the Phone 


You Can Easily Access Research Materials. 

The core of every essay is the research that you put into it. The more you research, the better the quality of your essay. However, don’t fall into the trap of endless research without taking steps to write. To avoid this, apportion a timeframe for your research. After all, you don’t have all the time to write the essay. 

Your cellphone allows you to gain access to research materials on the go. You don’t need to set up your laptop before accessing research materials. You can get the material you need from your cellphone and begin to immediately prepare to write your essay. 

Ease in Note Taking 

Taking notes has become better with the use of cellphones. You can write the outline you will use for your essay on your phone. If you don’t know, the outline is the map of your essay. We call the outline a map because it gives you the proper direction that your essay will follow. After all, it is when you have an accurate map that you will be able to reach your destination safely. 

When you research on your smartphone, you can easily store the research materials you found. These materials form the basis of your outline, which you can edit as you like on your cellphone. 

Helps with Beating Essay Deadlines. 

As students, the time the instructors give you to finish your essays always seems small, at least when you compare it to the level of work an essay needs. You need to research, brainstorm, outline and write. This sometimes requires you to settle in a comfortable place to use your laptop. With your cellphone, you can begin to write anywhere. 

This allows you to beat the deadlines that your instructors set. 

Proofread Is Also Easier. 

Grammarly has a mobile version, the Grammarly keyboard, that you can use to correct mistakes in your essay. This makes proofreading less stressful, as it could have been with your laptop. You know, you have to carry your laptop to a place comfortable enough for you to use. With your cellphone, you can easily proofread your work in any place of your choice. 


The Issue of Distraction. 

Our phones have changed our attitude towards using our leisure time. Due to the creation of different social media platforms, we always get content we can follow. The issue is that this creates a social media dependency that could harm you. The time that you could have spent typing on your phone, you have used to explore social media. 

The problem is that it will affect your essay progress and could be why you would miss the deadline. 

The Problem of Attention Span. 

This problem is closely related to the above one. Besides the distraction that social media offers, it has also reduced our attention time. Picture this. You are typing on your phone, and within one minute, you are bored and take a quick look to check what’s going on in your social media app. Doing that is because your dwindling attention span. 

Typing can be Difficult. 

If you are a slow texter or have a phone with a small screen, you may have difficulty writing your essay on your phone. This lack of speed is poisonous to your essay progress. You could be better off using your system. 


Honestly, it depends on you. We have seen expert writers who prepare the first draft of their work on their phones and transfer to their system for further editing. You can also easily get distracted on your laptop. Whether laptop or phone, you need to maintain discipline and focus. 

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