Why Should Students Do Vocational Courses?

Our world has changed in the last few years and many new changes are occurring as we speak of, new career fields are being discovered and many old ones are becoming outmoded. And this makes it essential for the curriculum makers and educational philosophers to review the old syllabus and teaching techniques because as new career fields are emerging companies and employers are looking for candidates who fulfil their working needs and can get work done. However, the skills required to do the work in any occupational field can’t be learned just by taking notes and solving tricky maths puzzles with answers in the classroom, learners are needed to go through training to learn skills for their chosen occupational field. These skills and training can only be acquired if students enrol themselves in the vocational courses.

Let’s know what vocational courses are and how they are beneficial for students.

Vocational Courses: Vocational courses are the courses which are designed to teach and equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge that are required for a specific occupation or field. These courses differ from the traditional courses that students do, as in vocational courses more emphasis is put on teaching students the practical knowledge of their chosen subjects rather than theoretical ones. When students enrol themselves in these courses they are taught every necessary skill starting from crucial and basic skills like communication and computer skills. Some examples of vocational courses are Cooking and Baking courses, Mechanical courses, Accounting and book-keeping courses, Physiotherapy courses, Jewellery designing courses and many others. In today’s time skills hold more value than theoretical knowledge vocational courses become a necessity for students to do, if they want better career prospects and to be job-ready. 

Here are some benefits of doing vocational courses. Keep reading to know them.

Knowledge beyond Books: For decades the students have been studying the same things again and again, mugging up their chapters and concepts just to score well in their examinations. Although theoretical knowledge has it’s important, it does not provide students with the experience of the world outside the pages of books. But when students enrol themselves in any vocational courses they get to learn about the things they never learned, meet other students and learn not just knowledgeable skills but skills like interpersonal communication, social skills etc.

Great Career Opportunities: One of the most important reasons why vocational courses were designed was to make students job-ready. It has been seen that the students who have skills and practical experience in their career field are more likely to be hired by the companies than those who just have college degrees with them. By doing vocational courses students learn the necessary skills which make them employable after the completion of the course. For example, doing B.com provides students with theoretical knowledge of commerce and accounting but by doing the vocational course of Accounting and book-keeping students can learn how to maintain records and daily journal of a company. Making them skilled and ready for the job of accountant or finance- manager in any company or bank.

Makes Learning Interesting: Many students are unable to reach their desired career prospects just because they find it monotonous to gain theoretical knowledge just to earn a degree which doesn’t even guarantee employment opportunities. However, it is not the case with vocational courses as these courses are solely based on skill acquisition and practical knowledge making learning interesting and engaging for the students. These courses make students passionate about learning and achieving their goals while making them employable candidates

Flexibility: A student has to juggle many things, attending school-college, completing homework and assignments, preparing for exams and participating in extracurricular activities too. All these things sometimes leave little room for them to enrol in courses like vocational ones, that is why many institutes and colleges have started the online vocational courses to teach online to the students who are unable to be physically present in the class.

Economical: Vocational courses are usually skill-oriented, which is why they are not for long- them and are less expensive than full-time college courses, thus making them economical for students to afford.

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