Why and How to Automate Your Business

America boasts over 31 million entrepreneurs, compared to about 582 million entrepreneurs around the world. In America, 16% of the workforce are entrepreneurs and it is considered the most entrepreneurial country in the world. 

More than 18% of these businesses fail in their first year, and up to 50% shut down by their fifth. After ten years, only 35% of those firms are typically still in operation. 

As individuals embark on building a company, these numbers can be unnerving. This is especially true when owners of a startup invest a lot of their own capital, and the money of friends and family. Other ventures take out loans from banks or extend their line of credit.

Given the risks associated with pursuing your goals, it can be extremely beneficial, even essential, to optimize and automate your business. This should boost productivity, reduce costs, increase profitability, and release you from day-to-day operations that depend on you to function.

What is Optimization? 

Optimization refers to the process of streamlining your business with the application of practices and systems that manage costs, cut waste, and utilize your time, resources, and labor more effectively.

Through optimization of your business, you can streamline your analytics, goals, and audits. These components are essential for determining whether you are within your margins, whether your operation is profitable, and ensuring it plays a solid role in your community and industry.

What Does Optimization Do for Your Performance?

By optimizing your business, you will efficiently manage the day-to-day tasks, partly by delegating to others. Your processes will become better defined and finely tuned, so you should significantly cut down on cost and wasted time.

A tool that certainly would help to improve maintenance and increase your return on investment is fleet management software such as Cetaris. Featuring a variety of programs, Cetaris has shown substantial impact in industries such as transportation, utilities, construction, government, and retail.

Their programs can help you to manage your purchase orders, vendors, fleet, inventory, work orders, and other functions to more productive levels. Here’s how.

Boosts productivity

The use of software that has been designed to optimize your business can free up your time to pursue other money-making opportunities, such as building and expanding your business. When you are not occupied with handling the maintenance of your firm, because that’s been handed off to a well-designed software program, you free up more manpower. Instead, that resource can be used more effectively on tasks that require a more personal touch. 

Reduce costs

By streamlining your systems and processes, you can cut down on the need for additional employees. When you require fewer workers to run your operation, you can utilize them more effectively.

Other ways you can cut costs include increasing the longevity of your assets through better management and care. You’ll also waste less money by keeping proper documentation of your inventory, and managing your numbers, products, and services more efficiently.

Increase profitability

When your business runs smoothly, systems have been optimized and automated, and you are able to focus on the money-making side instead of the daily oversight, profitability is apt to increase. 

One of the goals of optimization is to take you out of the management role, and further into your capacity as owner. This is vital for the survival of your business because it should cut moderate stress and burnout, so you may focus on growth and profits.


Optimization of your company is the best way to automate and remove yourself from day-to-day activity. Successful business owners typically enjoy greater success and freedom when they identify and implement systems that will run without the continuing attention of the owner.

It can be difficult to release some of the reins, this will serve as an opportunity to open up your time, and create more growth and opportunities.

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