Bonuses That You Can Get from a Land-Based Casino

Online casinos offer a lot of bonuses, and it is one of the things that drive patrons to support the business. Do offline or land-based casinos offer perks, too? 

Yes, they do. However, these bonuses are different from what online casinos like Vulkan Vegas offer. For one, land-based casinos do not offer deposit bonuses or anything like that. Today, we will show you some of the land-based casinos’ most common perks for their loyal customers.

High Roller Clubs

Land-based casinos have rooms exclusive for high-roller only. These are people who spend millions upon millions when betting. This provides an opportunity for rich clientele to play in an exclusive room with an exclusive dealer. Sometimes, they can even borrow money from the casino. High-roller clubs do not exist in all land-based casinos. Most of the time, you will find a high-roller club in megacities where you can also find the richest people. 

Loyalty Points

Like online casino members, those who play offline can enjoy loyalty points. The point system varies from one casino to another, but the idea is the same. 

Often, members get loyalty points when they make deposits. In time, they can swap these loyalty points with cash, which they can use to bet on games in the casino. Some can swap the points with items like ball pens, umbrellas, etc.

Loyalty points in a land-based casino are better than in online casinos. The reason being is that online, there is a wagering requirement if you convert your loyalty points into cash. If you have been playing in online casinos before, you would know that wagering requirements are tough to beat. 

In the physical world, the cash that the casinos give is yours to have. You can spend it, bet it, withdraw it as cash, convert it to chips—it is your choice. 

Free Drinks

Loyal clients are often entitled to free drinks. They can get a bottle or a couple of bottles of beer. Some can get hard liquor. Those who belong to high-roller clubs can enjoy unlimited free drinks. This is not an issue with the casino, considering that the member is betting millions or hundreds of thousands.

Those with loyalty privileges can get a few drinks, but not unlimited. Free drinks are often based on the amount of money the member bets and losses. 

Those in the high-roller club can get inebriated, but then they seldom do. After all, people intoxicated with alcohol are prone to making bad gambling decisions. 

Free Accommodation

Free accommodation in the hotel is both a good and a bad thing. It is a good thing because it is free, and the casino will usually give you the best room. It is a bad thing because if the casino offers you a free room, it means that the casino does not want you to play anymore. They do this because you keep on winning.

If you do not know it yet, all casinos have the right to ask somebody not to play. They can ban people. Most of the time, they do this to people at blackjack tables. If the blackjack player is too good and is winning a huge sum, the casino wants that player to stop playing. Now, it is a little difficult to prove that a player is counting cards. So, to avoid making a scene, the casino will ask the player to stop playing.

As compensation, they will offer him/her a hotel suite with all sorts of amenities. In return, the player cannot go back to the blackjack tables until a specific time. 

Privilege Cards

Land-based casinos also offer privilege cards. A privilege card is a special membership card where the member has to pay. In exchange, the member gets some perks.

Here are the most common examples:

  • Discounts on drinks
  • Points when they play table games
  • Complementary benefits like food and beverage
  • Eligibility to join raffles and special promotions.

There are times when a casino offers a car to be raffled out for raffles. If you have a privilege card, you earn entries in the raffle based on the amount of money you spend. For example, you earn one raffle entry for every $10 you wager—it does not matter if you win or lose. The thing with this type of promotion is that everything is digital. 

You must use a card to wager so the casino can track your bets. What this means is that you cannot earn entries to the raffle if you use chips. So, most of the time, you can only play slot machines and video poker games. 

Promo Cards

The last type of the most common perk in an offline casino is a promo card. Usually, casinos give these out to patrons who are present at the time of the promotion launch.

A promo card can give you the following perks:

  • Discounts in the restaurants and stores in the resort casino
  • Free cash to play slot machines.

Some casinos distribute slot promo cards. It is similar to free spins for no deposit bonus codes that online casinos offer. However, slot machine promo cards do not have a wagering requirement, which makes them more beneficial than free bonuses at online casinos. 

Whether you prefer gambling in land-based casinos or online, being loyal to the casino is always rewarding. Every respectful casino would do its best to encourage regular players. Casinos may even send birthday gifts to their loyal customers. Online casinos also offer a personal account manager and custom bonus offers to loyal players. These bonuses usually have better bonus conditions like a lower wagering requirement and higher bonus percentage. If you want to experience all these perks, stay loyal to the casino!

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