What is ITVX? Everything to know about ITV and ITVX!

The ITV Hub will continue to be available for viewing until late 2022 when it will be replaced by ITVX, the next streaming platform for ITV, which will include ITV Hub and BritBox programming. ITVX will be a complimentary service funded by advertisements with an attractive subscription offer.

There will be free content for almost unlimited time, which includes both original and library, unique entertainment, and will provide viewers with a streamlined and seamless experience. The premium offering will be provided by the subscription tier, which also gives users access to BritBox and upcoming content partners of SVOD.

Using a VPN, a proxy service, or TOR, it is simple to get ITV in the USA. The simplest and safest way to get a UK IP address and unblock ITV is via a VPN.

Here is everything you need to know about ITVX because there will be significant changes to how we watch ITV content in 2022.

Can You Watch ITVX For Free?

Definitely! ITVX, according to the broadcaster, would let viewers stream premium ITV documentaries, dramas,  US series, comedies, reality shows, and blockbuster movies for free while displaying advertisements.

However, you can pay more to use the service excluding advertisements. Additionally, BritBox will be accessible to subscribers. Britbox, which will continue to be a stand-alone service, also features content from Channel 4, Channel 5, and BBC.

ITVX also provides customers the option of ad-free viewing for a small monthly subscription. Through BritBox UK, membership will also get viewers to access to an extra 6,000 hours of programming, although the cost is still unknown.

What Different ITVX Offer from ITV Hub?

The largest adjustment is that to simplify how we watch material on-demand, ITVX will launch as the UK’s first streaming service to give users the choice of accessing both free material with advertisements and ad-free membership that is paid, both in one location.

Furthermore, ITVX will feature roughly 15,000 hours of programming when it launches compared to ITV Hub’s 4,000 hours, so there will be far more content available whenever the service is launched.

What is on ITVX? Are There Exclusive Programs on ITVX?

A few shows will have their ITVX debuts before moving 6-9 months later to ITV’s broadcast channels. So, ITVX is the place to go if you want to watch items whenever they are released!

ITVX will begin with 35 flagship programs, 250+ films, 200+ series, and 150+ hours of true crime programming, including exclusives Monster in My Family and The Case Against Cosby, according to the broadcaster.

A Spy Among Friends and The Confessions of Frannie Langton adaptations, David Tennant’s most recent drama Litvinenko and the Stephen Fry-narrated series A Year on Planet Earth, are among ITV’s shows confirmed would debut on ITVX first.

Without Sin, a four-segment psychological thriller with lead Vicky McClure is another notable drama that will air throughout the service. Additionally, they have revealed that Riches, a “glossy high stakes drama,” and Tell Me Everything, an upcoming drama, will both air on ITVX.

A feature-length film finale for Plebs and a new comedy series named “Deep Fake” that uses contemporary methods to produce funny celebrity set-ups are just two examples of the fantastic comedy available only on ITVX.

The acting talents of Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks, Sir Michael Caine, Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hardy, Daniel Radcliffe, and others will also be featured in a sizable film library, though the titles have not yet been announced.

Therefore, these ITVX debuts will be available on the service later this year, whether you’re looking for a somber drama or you only want to lose yourself in a documentary.

Can You Watch Live TV Through ITVX?

Yes, ITV has announced that viewers will be able to watch all of their favorite live programs on ITVX, including the upcoming FIFA World Cup and the I’m A Celebrity 2022 season. Therefore, viewers who prefer to watch online rather than on their TVs still have that option.

When is ITVX Launching?

ITVX will debut in November 2022, the broadcaster said during a panel at the Edinburgh TV Festival on August 24.


ITV is a highly regarded group of UK TV networks that airs a wide variety of original British TV series, films, and sports programming. ITV’s online streaming service, The ITV Hub, offers content from all of the network’s current channels, including CITV, ITVBe, ITV1, ITV2, and ITV3.

Your access to the ITV player probably won’t be possible using a standard internet connection if you reside anywhere else outside of the UK. The channel is geo-restricted to IP addresses in the UK, which explains why.

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