Ways Teachers Can Help Students with Anxiety

It is very common that students can be seen worried about their studies and their marks they are going to achieve in exams because these days knowledge has become secondary instead students are running after just achieving good marks and achieving first position in the class. Students can be seen nervous and panicked whenever exam time is there. Though such a high level of anxiety due to exams can be seen only in exam times on a student’s face, still it is a matter of concern for the mental and physical health of the child. Today students are having several means of learning which helps them in proper learning and attaining a good level of education like LMS portals. LMS portals make student’s online learning very easy. Due to this, students can answer any of the questions of their curriculum question like LMS full form. Earlier students weren’t aware of such innovative terms but due to online learning students are well aware of LMS full form and its all details. Still the students can’t escape the side effects of anxiety. This is the situation where teachers help the students and play the role of a perfect guide. Teachers provide the students ways to escape from such pressure which anxiety makes on the mind of the children at such a tender age. Teachers perform their research work and find innovative ways to teach children without putting them into a situation of anxiety. So, lets see the ways teachers choose to help the students with anxiety:

  • The major part of anxiety comes from a particular situation where students don’t prepare properly the whole year and when exams dates are announced then they get panicked about the preparation of such a huge course in so much less time. Here the tutor needs to make students prepare a proper study schedule under which students need to allot a particular and specific time-interval for each and every subject for a good preparation before exams.
  • Being a teacher one can have a good and ample amount of experience of dealing with such situations. Teachers can provide their students with some useful tips to handle such situations like when they have anxiety students can take a deep breath and exhale slowly and repeat this process. Teachers should give more innovative tips like in the situation of anxiety students can give themselves an optimistic self-talk where they themselves can boost their own morale.
  • When a student’s mind sits idle and vacant then being very imaginative in this age students starts thinking useless things and their mind gets diverted and students who have anxiety, they think a lot and this makes the scenario even worse than before. So, teachers’ responsibility is to keep the students busy every time the students get free. Teachers should induce some creative activities for the students so that their minds should be busy with something creative instead of thinking garbage. This keeps the students healthy physically and mentally.
  • Teachers can eliminate anxiety from student’s mind by inducing positive thinking. Usually being nervous student’s mind run towards negative results of their careless preparation. Hence, here teachers step in and make student understand the value of optimism by addressing students daily ana make them vent their nervousness out. To make this more effective, teachers can share their own story of struggle where they didn’t lose hope and now they are successful. Teachers can include one more method to make students positive by writing motivational quotes for the students on the black/white board daily.
  • Students are always very happy with their peer group, even when they are in school. Hence, teachers should create some peer groups in the class for group study where after their lectures are done, the student’s peer group should be given the topics for discussions for the next day which students can teach and learn daily with the help of each other during free hours which will bring knowledge and information.
  • Students are also human and they also love to hear some words of appreciation for the hard work they do. So, teachers should not leave any stone unturned in order to praise and appreciate the tireless efforts of the students. This works 100 % in the situation of anxiety where students almost lose their will power and self-confidence. 

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