Trends of Mobile Application Design in 2023

The online environment now covers not only entertainment niches but is also directly involved in important routine processes. Today, we will talk about trends in app development and design in the new year 2023. We will discuss the new demands from the consumer that will have to be reckoned with. And, of course, we will present a company of professionals in creating advanced mobile application design services. If you’re not interested in theory, follow this link and ask the team for help in creating a cutting-edge application. In case you want to get acquainted with new trends first, we suggest you read this material.

What Will the Consumer Demand in 2023?

On the one hand, the headline sounds extremely presumptuous, because there is still time until the end of 2022 and a lot can change. Undoubtedly, this is the case. However, there are several technologies that are being introduced into applications at lightning speed today. That is to say, trends that will 100 per cent gain momentum in 2023 can be tracked today. Let’s break down what user demands are shaping them.

  • The first thing people are interested in right now is security. For example, at one time it was imposed on us that any banking operations had to be carried out strictly at a bank branch in order to avoid fraud. Today, they have put your personal account into a smartphone and offer to do all the same operations from the comfort of your own home. For many people, this is dissonant. The same goes for keeping personal correspondence. No one wants them to be in the public domain. That is why the first thing to think about when creating an application is security for the user.
  • The second requirement is ease of use and functionality. All processes within the app should be lightning fast. Also, it is important that the interface should be as intuitive as possible so that the user does not have to think too much to perform a certain operation. This format of requirements covers mobility processes and makes people’s lives easier. Accordingly, if your resource is user-friendly, a person will recommend it to a friend. This is how a chain reaction of recommendation occurs.
  • The third request relates to design solutions. The last year has been a difficult one, which has led to a so-called “aesthetic hunger” and a demand for futuristic visual design. In other words, people subconsciously want to transcend the past and go into the future. The task of developers and designers is to show it to them.

Key Trends in Mobile App Design in 2023

So, above we have discussed the requirements of consumers. Now I propose to look at the solutions that have already been found and are being actively implemented.

Faster Data Transfer

Along with the growing popularity of streaming services, we have had to look for solutions that will provide faster speeds and the fastest possible data transfer. This is why the globalisation of 5G adoption is growing, which is significantly stimulating applications to reach a new, higher quality level. What is the quality improvement? Firstly, the 5G era has enabled developers to introduce more sophisticated features into their products and this has no negative impact on product performance. Secondly, there is the era of improved speed of banking payments. No more waiting around for twenty-four hours. 5G helps accelerate the adoption of augmented and virtual reality technologies.

AI Active Operation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are entering active operation. This format of approach helps to minimise human error. In addition, thanks to the aforementioned innovations, rapid advances can be made in human interaction. What does this mean? Apps now include speech and text recognition features. Sometimes you may come across entertainment resources that understand your emotional state. Note that on all social networks, recommendation algorithms work better and produce content that interests you. But apart from the entertainment function, some apps perform an extremely important function. For example, think of the resources that allow you to monitor compliance with quarantine rules.


So what’s in store for gaming apps and those that specialise in travel or sales? Virtual reality. In fact, it’s all closer than it looks and is being introduced to bring the experience of the intended purchase closer to you. You can find a good example of this in online shopping apps. For example, in a furniture showroom, you are given the opportunity to open a camera in your flat and ‘try on’ how a chest of drawers would fit into the interior.

All Screens Optimization

One has to keep in mind that one does not live in an online world. Nevertheless, when dealing with offline issues, one wants to be constantly in touch with the online world. And the smartphone, in this case, does not seem to be such a convenient gadget for achieving this communication. That is why wearable devices (e.g. smart watches) are slowly taking over the market. In the new year, when releasing an app, it is worth thinking hard about adapting it to new devices.

Progressive Apps

Among other things, so-called “progressive apps” have entered the market. They are also referred to as Instant Apps. These resources are less dependent on the internet connection and do not need to be downloaded to the device. They are now a gimmick which sets companies apart from their competitors.

On-demand Apps

And, of course, the growing popularity belongs to apps that make our lives more comfortable. On-demand apps have long been introduced in the fields of medicine, home care, body care and even food delivery.

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