Top 10 Torrent Websites of 2023

We’re carrying on a long-standing yearly tradition by publishing our list of the top torrent sites at the beginning of 2023. When traffic is taken into account, YTS comes out on top, followed closely by 1337x. Meanwhile, the top three now include the anime torrent website NYAA.

Despite the fact that the site and its users have been the target of numerous lawsuits in recent years, YTS is still at the top of the list in 2023.

Millions of people visit the main YTS domain name every day. When you consider that the website solely lists movie torrents, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Well-known companies are featured on the yearly list of famous torrent websites, and this year there are some significant additions. A pair of gaming-focused websites, and, have just entered the market.

The two newcomers take the place of TorrentGalaxy and LimeTorrents, which are still operational but have simply been outperformed in terms of traffic. If we had to identify a trend, it would be the relative increase in popularity of specialty websites.,,, and are not included in the list since we only included English-language torrent sites, despite the fact that they receive a lot of traffic.

Last but not least, we must emphasize that the annual rating is based on single domain names. The Pirate Bay and other sites would score higher if proxy sites and alternative domains were taken into consideration.

The top 10 domains for torrent sites at the beginning of the year are listed in full below. Based on numerous traffic reports, the list was created. Please be aware that this list was compiled as a historical record to monitor the sites’ popularity over time.

Using any of these websites is not something we advise or support. At least accidentally, some are known to link to harmful advertisements. The BitTorrent protocol itself is lawful, however sharing content using it requires the rightsholder’s consent.

2023’s Top 10 Torrent Sites

YTS, 1337x, NYAA,  RARBG (defunct as of May 2023),
FitGirl Repacks,  Skidrow & Reloaded, The Pirate Bay,
EZTV, IGGGAMES, and Torrent Galaxy


The defunct YTS or YIFY group, which disbanded a few years ago, has an unofficial successor in
Over the past few years, YTS has been the subject of numerous litigation in the United States. The operator agreed to turn over user data to rightsholders by signing a consent judgment. Numerous YTS users consequently got compensation requests or were sued.

2. 1337x

1337x keeps its position in the top three in 2023. It boasts a committed team of uploaders and bots that consistently add new content, unlike some other websites.

1337x provides a huge selection of torrents. After the aforementioned dispute, the website prohibited official YTS releases.

3. The NYAA.

si logoA well-known revival of the anime torrent site NYAA is The torrent portal is doing well despite the severe competition from other pirate streaming websites, moving up two positions from the previous year.


RARBG has been shut down as of May 2023. RARBG has not changed over the previous 12 months. The site uses a number of well-known domain names, but only the one with the most visitors is considered for this list. RARBG, which was established in 2008, focuses on the publication of excellent video content.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has slipped out of the top three after holding the top slots for well over a decade. The website still has a sizable traffic despite certain technical difficulties and sporadic outages.

The Pirate Bay is still accessible via various proxies and continues to run from domain. However, the site’s registration process is still closed, and posting comments is still not possible.

6. Repacks of FitGirl

repacks the Fitgirl logoFitGirl Repacks is not your typical torrent website. It is the location of a well-known repacker who publishes compressed cracked versions of well-known games, reducing download times.

FitGirl, with whom we conducted an interview in 2020, uploads torrents on other websites as well while also providing magnet links, which is why we included the site on this list.

7. Skidrow and RELOADED

skidrowThere are two renowned game-cracking teams: Skidrow and RELOADED. This most certainly provided as inspiration for those in charge of, a blog-style game release website.

The website’s Twitter account has been blocked, but the domain itself is still active and is in the top 10 for the first time this year.


iggAnother gaming-focused website joins this year’s Top 10 as a result of IGG-Games’ success. IGG-Games is not a new site, though; it has appeared in the news on a few occasions and is still rising in the rankings.

9. EZTV.

re EZTV is a contentious TV-torrent distribution organization that took over the EZTV brand from the original organization, which was subsequently forced to shut down.

Although the site still receives some respectable traffic, the emergence of illegal streaming sites is probably hurting it.

10. TorrentGalaxy tgx,

TorrentGalaxy is a very new torrent website that was just launched a little over four years ago. It has an engaged community and a committed group of uploaders. TorrentGalaxy offers several releases in addition to torrents as streaming options.

Proxies and obvious copycats are not included. Remember that many websites have mirrors or alternate domains, which are frequently ignored here. The annual list is released as a news and informational resource. The list of torrent sites from 2022 is archived.

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