The Best Spy App for Android – Spylix Review

In the world of the latest advancements and technology, we can easily monitor features, have tracking solutions, and can control different types of activities through our mobile phones. 

Spy apps for Android have been created with more improvement and can competently fulfill the demands of society.  Whenever you need a spy app tracker to have a good spying experience, it must come with Incredible features. 

The given article is about Spylix which has a reputable position among all the available free Spy tools. 

Spylix- The Best Android Spy App in 2022

Spylix is an efficient Spy app for Android users. It is a full package of wonderful features which make the spying process very easy for people. It permits its users to monitor and view 40 different types of files easily. 

It fits in every situation whether a parent wants to protect their children from digital predators or anyone who wants to check the loyalty of their life partner. Additionally, Its hidden performing efficiency is incredibly good. 

By using this application you can easily monitor anyone’s Android phone without knowing the target person. It works secretly to hide its traces of presence on the target device so you can keep tracking your target percent without worrying about being caught. 

After setting up the application you can easily monitor your target person from your mobile phone or your PC. It can also help you to remotely lock or unlock an Android phone, recover a lost phone, install any type of application, and record calls without knowing the target person. 

Why is Spylix the best Spy App for Android? 

There are many spying apps available on the Google play store for Android users but Spylix is considered the top-rated Spy app. 

Its features make it the best among all, some of its features are discussed below:

  • Support 40 files monitoring

Spylix provides access to different types of data which makes it an incredible spy app. You can easily access notes, contacts, calendar internet usage, and all the installed apps. 

  • No jailbreak or rooting required

In Android phones, rooting is done to gain easy access to the operating system but it is an invasive process and can damage the device. 

Spylix does not require rooting your Android phone. It gives you the option to monitor different types of data without rooting your Android phone. 

  • Work secretly without knowing the target person

Whether you decide to spy on your children or spouse, they must never find out about the spying app. Spylix works in a background mode so your target person will never detect or know that you are spying on them. 

  • Simple and easy to use 

The application is very easy to install and anyone can install and use it without having previous experience. Additionally, it provides a very user-friendly control panel which you can access through your PC or mobile phone easily. 

  • Work remotely 

Spylix works remotely which means that after installing and setting up the application you don’t need to touch or stay close to your target person’s Android phone. It will collect all the information remotely and inform you. 

  • Reliable and secure 

Spylix is an efficient spy app for Android users which you can trust blindly. It is a secure platform to spy on anyone without knowing them. Moreover, it provides all the data in encrypted form so the only person who can view the data is you. 

Steps to install

As mentioned earlier, Spylix is a  very easy-to-use and installed application that lets you monitor your children or spouse, or friends easily. While installing the Spy app you have to be very careful as you don’t want them to know that you are spying. 

For your guidance a step-by-step guideline is given below: 

Step 1). Open any internet browser and head towards the official website of Spylix, here you have to sign up for a free account.  

Step 2). After registering yourself for a free account follow the guidelines and set up the Spylix app. 

Step 3). Once you have set up the app, just log in to your control panel and start spying on your target Android phone. 

What does Spylix provide to the users? 

By using Spylix you can monitor and track almost all types of data on your target Android phone without any hindrance. Following are the things that you can get while spying via Spylix: 

  • Spy text messages

By using Spylix you can easily read all the received and sent text messages of your target person. Even it allows you to access all the messages that have been deleted. Just enter the target men’s cell phone number and then you can spy text messages quickly.

  • Spy WhatsApp messenger 

Spylix offers you to monitor all types of WhatsApp data including chats and contacts. It also allowed viewing media including WhatsApp audio, videos, and pictures secretly.

  • Spy social apps

It offers you to monitor almost all types of applications that are installed on your target Android phone. You can read the chats of other social media applications including Snapchat, Instagram telegram, and many more. 

  • GPS tracking

By using the GPS tracking feature you can easily target your Android device and even can know the location history to find out where the target person was earlier. 

  • Spy call logs

You can monitor all the call history of a target Android phone where you will be able to view which call has been received and made by the target person. It will also tell you about the call duration and timestamp of each call. 

  • Work as Keylogger 

It provides a keylogger feature due to which you can store all the keys pressed by the target person on his or her Android phone keyboard. 

Spylix Also Works for iOS devices

Spylix is not specifically confined to Android devices, it is an All-rounder spy application that provides its services to both iOS and Android mobile phones.  It is available for iOS devices ranging from iOS 9.0 to iOS 14. 

Spylix for Android Vs Spylix for iPhone 

  • It offers to monitor 40+ data types in the case of Android while in the case of iPhone you can spy on 30+ data types.
  • You can install Spylix on iPhone without physically accessing the target device but you need to access Android. 
  • No rooting is required in Android and in the case of the iPhone no jailbreaking is necessary.
  • There are also some common features that it provides in both devices including remote updating and secret working. 


Spylix is the best choice to monitor all the activities on an Android phone. It works efficiently to provide access to different types of data present on the target device. It works secretly and remotely to facilitate you to monitor all the information without knowing the target person. 


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