Synchronous v.s Asynchronous Elearning- Which method is best for you?

Asynchronous and synchronous are two terms you may well have encountered a lot in the field of eLearning. But what do they imply, and why are Learning Management System (LMS) users discussing them? Furthermore, which of these two best meets your specific wants and demands and is hence the ideal choice for you? All of these will be covered in this article. Let’s get started!

Synchronous and asynchronous learning are two learning strategies that your firm can successfully include in your training programs.

Synchronous Elearning

Online studies via chat and videoconferencing are part of synchronous e-learning. This type of learning tool operates in real-time. It’s similar to virtual classroom platforms wherein the learners can ask and instructors can answer questions quickly via online communication, which is why it’s termed synchronous. Students that use synchronous eLearning technology or online courses can readily communicate with their classmates and teachers during the course, as opposed to taking classes alone.

Advantages of Synchronous Elearning-

  • Employees may readily engage with teachers, and other students, making it easier for them to share ideas and thoughts. This atmosphere fosters higher engagement, which can lead to improved learning outcomes.
  • Since learning occurs in real-time, there is no delay in receiving responses to questions or queries. It’s a more active setting in the sense that you do not have to wait for an answer.

Asynchronous Elearning

Asynchronous learning, on the other hand, can take place even when the learner is not connected to the internet. Asynchronous e-learning consists of coursework given over the email, web, and message boards, which are subsequently posted on internet forums. In such instances, students should ideally finish the course at their speed, using the internet only as a resource rather than opting solely for eLearning tools or online interactive classes.

Advantages of Asynchronous Elearning-

  • If you have employees in different regions (or time zones), this is a more cost-effective method for training them so they don’t have to commute to engage in learning and development opportunities.
  • It’s quite useful to be able to go back and review the knowledge you’ve just been given, or portions of it. That is possible with asynchronous learning.

Synchronous vs. asynchronous learning – which should you choose?

What works best for your team is determined by a few factors. It is critical to determine your employees’ particular learning preferences. Other considerations that influence the decision include where your employees work. Are they in various locations or the same building? Is the majority of your employees distributed across time zones? The optimal technique to teach content or a program also comes down to the topic being covered and the level of knowledge your staff already has on it.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? For example, if you have a team that is working remotely, spread throughout the country or continents, you will most likely find asynchronous learning to be the ideal fit for your employees’ needs.

However, if you’re planning training for your employees on a specific topic on which they’ve already received extensive training, you may find that synchronous learning in the manner of a face-to-face training program with plenty of interaction and opportunity to discuss the issue is best suited. This might be supplemented by asynchronous learning, in which your staff has access to the knowledge to study later or regularly as a reminder.

So based on the information provided to you in this article, you can determine for yourself which mode of ELearning is best for you and your firm. 


Both synchronous and asynchronous learning offer numerous advantages. Finding the correct LMS to serve the online learning component of your learning & development plan is critical, regardless of the style of learning you believe is best suited for your organization.

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