What do cyberpunk, humanoid robots and stray cats have in common? You can find out the answer to this question if you play the new indie game Stray. This indie game from BlueTwelve Studio was released in July but has already gained popularity. Many players have already managed to appreciate it and we have also tested this beautiful game. It attracts attention to its visuals (the graphics in the game look phenomenal), its setting (cyberpunk, robots) and the nice protagonist (a beautiful and playful ginger cat). The animation of the cat looks so real that the game is a real dream for all cat-lovers. So, if you for example haven’t enjoyed any indie games before, prefer rather meilleurs casino en ligne or other games, but you love cats – then buy this game!

 What about the genre of this game, Stray is an adventure indie platformer with few puzzles and action elements. The action takes place in a world where there are no humans, but only intelligent robots. They look quite interesting, and the main character of the game is a brave ginger stray cat. At the beginning of the game, the cat falls and finds himself in a strange city and gradually gets acquainted with its no less strange inhabitants. And the game setting is great: it is the future cyberpunk world with intelligent humanoid robots who skillfully imitate human society. And the protagonist of the game can interact with all the robots.

To make sense of everything that’s going on the player gets help from a small and cute robot. The drone will be your partner and guide, it tells the player where to go and light his way. With the help of the robot, you will also be able to communicate with the locals. And the locations of the game are nice: all these narrow cyberpunk streets with trash cans and bottles standing here and there and bright neon signs lighting up everything around – the game looks really good. The music also contributes to the cyberpunk atmosphere of the game and makes the gaming process interesting.                                         


The gameplay in this indie game is very simple, here it is even impossible to fall accidentally falling off any beam into the abyss. Everything you need to do is to press the right buttons to make your cat move and that’s it. The movements of the cat are realised with the Unreal Engine 4 technology. The fact that our main character is a cat, implies some, so to speak, peculiarities. Most of the time you have to run, jump, climb rooftops, search for objects, run errands for robots and solve simple puzzles, which are often tied to the cat’s abilities. There’s also an opportunity to be just an ordinary yard cat: you can lie on the rags, rub your feet, scratch doors and carpets with your claws, meow, purr, play with the ball, drop a stack of books, so as drink water from a muddy puddle. All these actions do not make any special sense, but they look very funny and cute. In addition, these little pleasures diversify your gameplay and make you laugh. Have you ever dreamed of feeling and moving like an ordinary cat? And what does the world look like from the perspective of the cat? 


In conclusion, this indie platformer is a game you certainly need to try. Currently, the game can be played only in a single mode, so there is one protagonist. Simple gameplay makes this game easy to play, but cyberpunk locations guarantee you an enjoyable adventure. 


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