Price of gold in India

₹ 58,940 +240 (+0.41%)
10 grams of 22-carat gold

₹ 53,990 +240 (+0.41%)

Current gold prices in India

Price of Gold Price of Gold in Bangalore Price of Gold in Chennai Price of Gold in Delhi Price of Gold in Hyderabad Price of Gold in Mumbai

22 Carat ₹54,700 ₹47,927 ₹54,850 ₹54,700 ₹54,700

24 Carat ₹59,670 ₹52,285 ₹59,820 ₹59,670 ₹59,670

Find here all the essential information you may need before making your purchase if you’re wanting to invest in gold or buy gold jewelry for personal use. Find the most recent 24 karat and 22 karat gold prices in India below, and compare them to make a wise choice. A 10 gram piece of 24 carat gold currently costs 58,940 rupees in India, whereas a 22 carat piece costs 53,990. All pricing have been changed and are now in line with market norms.

Price of 24 karat gold today in India

Price of Digital Gold 24K gold price per gram: daily price variation

1 gram ₹ 5,894 + ₹ 24

8 grams ₹ 47,152 + ₹ 192

10 grams ₹ 58,940 + ₹ 240

100 grams ₹ 5,89,400 + ₹ 2,400

Price of 22-carat gold today in India

Daily Price Change for Grams of 22K Gold

1 gram ₹ 5,399 + ₹ 24

8 grams ₹ 43,192 + ₹ 192

10 grams ₹ 53,990 + ₹ 240

100 grams ₹ 5,39,900 + ₹ 2,400

India’s Daily Gold Rate (15 Days)

Date 24-karat pure gold (22-karat) % Change

September 14, 2023 ₹ 58,700 ₹ 53,770 -0.15%

September 13, 2023 ₹ 58,790 ₹ 53,850 -0.13%

September 12, 2023 ₹ 58,860 ₹ 53,920 -0.57%

September 11, 2023 ₹ 59,200 ₹ 54,230 +0.06%

September 10, 2023 ₹ 59,170 ₹ 54,200 0%

September 9, 2023 ₹ 59,170 ₹ 54,200 0%

September 8, 2023 ₹ 59,170 ₹ 54,200 -0.04%

September 7, 2023 ₹ 59,190 ₹ 54,220 -0.22%

September 6th, 2023 ₹ 59,330 ₹ 54,340 -0.06%

September 5, 2023 ₹ 59,360 ₹ 54,370 -0.06%

September 4, 2023 ₹ 59,390 ₹ 54,400 -0.17%

September 3, 2023 ₹ 59,490 ₹ 54,490 0%

September 2, 2023 ₹ 59,490 ₹ 54,490 0%

September 1, 2023 ₹ 59,490 ₹ 54,490 0%

August 31, 2023 ₹ 59,480 ₹ 54,490 0%

Current Gold Prices in India’s Major Cities

24-karat gold price in the city 10 grams of 22-karat gold are priced

Ahmedabad ₹ 59,720 ₹ 54,750

Amritsar₹ 52,200 ₹ 47,850

Bangalore ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Bhopal₹ 52,200 ₹ 47,850

Bhubaneswar ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Chandigarh ₹ 59,820 ₹ 54,850

Chennai ₹ 52,285 ₹ 47,927

Coimbatore ₹ 60,000 ₹ 55,000

Delhi ₹ 59,820 ₹ 54,850

Faridabad ₹ 52,150 ₹ 47,804

Gurgaon ₹ 52,100 ₹ 47,758

Hyderabad ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Jaipur ₹ 59,820 ₹ 54,850

Kanpur ₹ 52,290 ₹ 47,932

Kerala ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Kochi ₹ 52,290 ₹ 47,932

Kolkata ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Lucknow ₹ 59,820 ₹ 54,850

Madurai ₹ 60,000 ₹ 55,000

Mangalore ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Meerut ₹ 52,275 ₹ 47,918

Mumbai ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Mysore ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Nagpur ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Nashik ₹ 59,700 ₹ 54,730

Patna ₹ 59,720 ₹ 54,750

Pune ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Surat ₹ 59,720 ₹ 54,750

Vadodara ₹ 59,720 ₹ 54,750

Vijayawada ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Visakhapatnam ₹ 59,670 ₹ 54,700

Understand gold’s price

Gold 24 carats

At 24 carats, gold is thought to be at its purest state. Gold that is 24 carat pure or 99.9% pure is completely devoid of any other metals. Gold coins, bars, and other items are made using 24 karat gold. There are numerous more levels of gold purity that are compared to 24 carats.

Gold 22 karat

The gold with a 22 carat purity is perfect for producing jewelry. It is made up of two parts silver, nickel, or any other metal and 22 parts gold. When gold is combined with other metals, it becomes stiffer and more suitable for jewelry. The 22 carat gold frequently represents 91.67 percent pure gold.

Know the difference between 24 and 22 carat gold.

22-karat gold and 24-karat gold

99.5% of the priceless yellow metal is present, making it the purest kind of gold.It has 91.6% pure gold. The remaining components are made of metals like copper, silver, or other metals.

It is fairly flexible, brittle, squishy, and bending. Due to its rigid hardness, it is difficult to bend or mold.

Computers, phones, and other electrical and medical equipment are the main applications for it. Because there is a smaller amount of pure gold, it is comparatively cheap.

The most expensive type of gold is this. It is mostly employed in the production of jewelry, bars, bullion, and coins.

It is a striking shade of yellow. Usually, the presence of other metals taints it.

Price of Gold in Major Cities

Based on a number of variables, such as demand, interest rates, octroi fees, state taxes, gold dealers, bullion associations, transportation expenses, making fees, and others, gold rates may differ from city to city.

India’s Gold Price Determinants

One of the most well-liked investment instruments worldwide, particularly in India, is gold. Like other financial assets, gold’s price is always changing. Although one of the main elements that affects gold’s market price is demand, a variety of other factors also play a part. Below are a few of the variables that determine gold prices every day.

1. Demand

Gold prices are significantly influenced by supply and demand economics, just like any other commodity. Price increases typically happen when there is a rise in demand and a constrained or low supply. In a similar vein, a surplus of gold combined with weak or stagnant demand might cause prices to decline. In India, the wedding and holiday seasons tend to see an increase in the demand for gold.

2. Inflation

The value of the currency decreases due to inflation. You might choose to save your money in the form of gold in such a situation. Gold prices rise as a result, serving in certain ways as a hedge against inflationary circumstances.

3. rates of interest

Interest rates and gold typically go hand in hand. People frequently sell their gold to earn high interest as interest rates rise. Similar to this, demand for gold rises as interest rates fall since more people tend to buy it.

4. Monsoon

The demand for gold in India is primarily sourced from rural areas. Following a successful harvest, monsoon, and subsequent harvest, this demand often tends to increase.

5. Treasury Reserves

India is one of many nations that have substantial gold holdings in their financial reserves. However, if this reserve is more than the amount of gold that the government sells, there is a shortage and the price of gold rises. The Reserve Bank of India is responsible for maintaining this reserve in India.

6. Currency changes

US dollars are used in all international gold transactions. The price of gold changes during import when US dollars are converted to Indian rupees. Usually, as the value of the Indian rupee falls, the price of importing gold increases.

7. Relationship with other resources

Gold is a very effective portfolio diversifier because it has a low to negative correlation with all the major asset classes. According to experts, gold shields one’s portfolio from volatility because the variables that have a significant impact on the returns from most asset classes have little or no effect on the price of gold. Some even contend that gold and stocks may start to move in the opposite direction when a company’s shares decline.

8. geographical elements

Demand for gold typically rises as a safe haven for storing money during geopolitical unrest, such as a war. Thus, a global crisis has a favorable effect on gold prices while having a negative effect on the values of most asset classes.

9. Entry tax and octoi fees

When products enter a state’s or city’s territory, the tax authorities impose entrance and octroi charges. In contrast to entry tax, which is assessed when commodities enter a state, octroi is assessed when products enter a city. Furthermore, a wealth tax is applied to your gold if its worth exceeds Rs. 30 lakhs.

10. Making payments

Gold jewelry is typically subject to making fees, which can vary from piece to piece and from jeweler to jeweler depending on the design.

Guide to Buying Gold

For generations, gold has been the asset of choice for investors. It is regarded as a crucial tool for achieving financial security and is one of the most common types of investments in India.

In addition to its monetary value, this yellow metal has religious and cultural importance in many different cultures, which raises its market value.

Despite the abundance of digital gold on today’s markets, physical gold still has beauty.

But gold investing may be challenging and involves careful consideration of a variety of criteria. Here is a thorough buying guide to assist you with your upcoming gold purchase.

Purity of Gold

One of the most crucial things to think about before buying gold is its purity, which is measured in “Carats”, with 24K being the purest form. For strength, 24K gold must be combined with other metals because it is only available in a malleable liquid state. For instance, 22 parts of gold, or 91.6% of it, are mixed with 2 parts of other metal alloys to create 22k gold. The more pure the gold, the more expensive it is.

Silver Type

There are several ways to purchase physical gold, including coins, bars, and jewelry.

Gold Coins:

Compared to other kinds of gold, some collectible gold coins have a higher market value. However, prior to making this transaction, genuineness must be thoroughly examined.

Investment-grade bullions or gold bars typically have purity levels between 99.5% and 99.99%. Along with the weight and the name of the maker, this data is stamped on the bar.

The most common type of jewelry is made of gold, which also has cultural importance. The value after a meltdown is typically lower than the initial cost.

Authentic Gold Certification

By hallmarking, which is the process of affixing marks to precious metals, the Bureau of Indian Standard in India certifies the purity of gold. It is important to always purchase hallmarked gold to ensure its legality and purity.

Price per gram of gold

Gold’s price is always changing based on the state of the market. Make sure you regularly check the price of gold on reliable sources.

While it is impossible to fully forecast an increase or decrease in gold prices, you can stay in touch with jewelers for an estimation. you ensure that pricing are accurate, be sure you have the gold separately weighed if you intend to have it set with other valuable stones.

Buyback Conditions

Any piece of gold jewelry’s “making charges” refers to the price of creating and designing it. Prior to applying the Goods and Services Tax (GST), it is included in the final price of the jewelry.

While some jewelers have a fixed making fee that typically ranges between 8 and 16%, others may base their charges on a specific portion of the overall weight of the jewelry. These fees change based on the design and whether the item is manufactured by hand or by machine.

Sovereign Gold Bonds, Gold ETFs, and Physical Gold

A few gold investment choices that have long been popular with investors include physical gold, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and sovereign gold bonds.

Sovereign Gold Bonds, Physical Gold, and Gold ETFs

Gold can be kept in storage in the form of jewelry, coins, and bars. Investors are accountable for the security of their assets.ETFs are electronic, so there is no need for physical storage and no need to worry about theft. They may be exchanged safely.

Interest There is nothing to be interested in. Thus, many view gold as a secure but worthless investment. Although there is no interest rate to be enjoyed, the return on the investment may fluctuate.

Gold ETFs are taxed as non-equity funds if their valuation exceeds Rs. 30 lakhs, at which point a wealth tax is applied. Sovereign gold bonds are taxed if sold before maturity. Short-term and long-term gains are taxed according to the tax slab. Gains from holding them till maturity are not taxed. The income from interest is taxed.

Table for Converting Gold Weight

The price of gold in various units may be found in the following table. Measurements for gold commonly include grams, kilograms, troy ounces, bhats, and tonnes.

To Change From To Increase By

Troy ounces in Grams is 31.1035

480 Troy ounces of grains

32.1507 Troy ounces or kilograms

Troy ounces in grams 0.032151

Tolas Kilograms 85.755

68.41 Kilograms Baht

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