Josh Dobbs had a promising start for the Titans, but they lost their sixth straight game.

On Thursday Night Football, the Tennessee Titans will host the Dallas Cowboys and attempt to record their first victory in more than a month.

Check back for live updates as the Titans take on the Cowboys down below.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans: Live score updates

game :

GENDER ESTES Other lessons from the Cowboy’s defeat include Joshua Dobbs staking his claim as the Titans’ starting quarterback.

Report Card: Rating Joshua Dobbs’ first start for the Tennessee Titans against the Dallas Cowboys

In Joshua Dobbs’ debut, the Tennessee Titans showed potential, but they still fell to the Cowboys for the sixth time in a row.

Next week, QB? Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tony Gonzalez advocate for Joshua Dobbs to start for the Tennessee Titans against the Jaguars.

Cowboys triumph in Nashville, 27-13, in the fourth quarter. Titans display some grit, and Malik Willis was outperformed by Joshua Dobbs in appearance. But Tennessee will travel to Jacksonville for the winner-take-all Week 18 contest with a six-game losing run.

With 3:44 remaining, Dobbs’ fourth-down heave while being tackled is unsuccessful. Cowboy football.

Titans defense tightens up with 5:06 left and forces a three-and-out with two incomplete passes.

Cowboys’ DB Robert Woods is hampered as he tries to field the punt by Kelvin Joseph. That adds another 15 yards.

With 6:05 left, Joshua Dobbs made a catch. Dobbs made the wrong choice since he threw the ball directly to Cowboys DB Nahshon Wright on the sideline for the pick.

The Cowboys eventually have an INT of Dobbs after one or two drops.

Joshua Dobbs finished the night 17 of 31 for 207 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.

Brett Maher makes a successful field goal from 45 yards out with 6:24 remaining. Titans 13, Cowboys 27.

28 of 38 for 281 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions from Dak Prescott. With 10 catches, CeeDee Lamb has gained 99 yards. On only 16 carries, Ezekiel Elliott has accrued 35 yards and a touchdown.

Teair Tart and DeMarcus Walker work together for a sack with 7:37 remaining. Tart remains on the floor while supporting his right leg. Cramp? He’s checked out for a while, then gets up and walks away.

With 9:14 left, Prescott connects with CeeDee Lamb down the middle for 34 yards.

Titans prepare to take a shot on fourth and five with 9:50 remaining, but Dennis Daley is called for a false start. The Titans will now punt.

With 9:59 remaining, Dobbs throws the ball away after failing to handle a free blitzer properly on third down.

Definitely a Cowboys DB Daron Bland finished the hit by putting his entire body weight on Dobbs. No punishment. A similar incident on a Monty Rice hit to Prescott earlier in the game that was called for roughing the passer happened.

Treylon Burks kicks off the Titans’ following drive with a 20-yard reverse carry with 11:49 remaining.

A.J. Brown commends Treylon Burks during the Tennessee Titans’ contest with the Dallas Cowboys.

Josh Dobbs’ first touchdown pass: Joshua Dobbs of the Tennessee Titans delivers his first touchdown pass in a close Dallas Cowboys game.

With 11:58 remaining, Dak to Dalton Schultz scores a touchdown to increase the Cowboys’ advantage. Dalton Schultz caught a 10-yard touchdown catch from Dak Prescott in the back left corner of the end zone.

Andrew Adams remains down while behind cover. After the play, Adams is transported away.

PAT well. 24 Cowboys. 13 Titans.

With 13:13 remaining, Malik Davis picks up 5 yards by eluding Monty Rice on a third-and-two grab. Red zone with the Cowboys.

T.Y. Hilton eludes a Titans defender with 1:25 remaining in the third quarter to get a first down and more. completion of 28 yards.

With 2:05 left, Robert Woods scores a touchdown to cut into the Cowboys’ lead. 7-yard touchdown catch working over the left side by Robert Woods. Dobbs’ first touchdown pass in the NFL.

PAT well. Titans 13, Cowboys 17.

Dobbs finds Robert Woods for a first down into the end zone with 3:17 remaining. well-timed throw.

With 5:13 remaining, Hassan Haskins made a valiant effort to convert a fourth-and-2 third down. Haskins gained three yards by running over DeMarcus Lawrence.

With 7:12 remaining, Treylon Burks made a great third-down catch in Dallas territory. Dobbs made a nice throw on the move as well.

Dallas gains ground as the Titans are penalized by costly pass interference.

Left with 8:48: Cowboys score. On the left, Dalton Schultz is wide open. TD catch of six yards.

PAT well. Titans 6, Cowboys 17.

The Avery was warned for defensive pass interference on third and long with 8:52 remaining. Avery was covering Michael Gallup when the penalty of 51 yards was called.

Dallas, first and foremost.

Roger McCreary is facing his third penalty of the day at 11:30, a DPI against Noah Brown.

With 13:34 left, Treylon Burks mishandles a third-down ball from Joshua Dobbs. Ouch.

You won’t be shocked to learn that the Titans’ first drive of the second half ends in a three-and-out. Ryan Stonehouse is going to punt.

Kevin Byard’s INT in the second quarter results in late Titans points.

Randy Bullock makes a solid 30-yard field goal at the half.

This is a game, you guys. Titans 6, Cowboys 10.

9 of 16 for 143 yards for Joshua Dobbs. That surpasses everything Malik Willis has demonstrated thus far this year, at least through the half.

Treylon Burks successfully catches the pass with only two seconds remaining, eluding a Cowboys defender. Catch of 30 yards to the Dallas 11.

Titans, pause.

Kevin Byard has the second INT with 12 seconds left! A Prescott pass is intercepted by Byard who breaks on it. The ball is returned by him into Dallas’s zone.

Tonight, Prescott has not played well.

Prescott scrambles out of bounds with 21 seconds left to gain a first down at the Titans’ 39-yard line. Dallas doesn’t have timeouts.

Dak Prescott limps with 48 seconds left following a third-down sack by DeMarcus Walker. When Roger McCreary is penalized for defensive holding, the sack is lost.

With 1:08 remaining in the half, the Titans score: At 37 yards, Randy Bullock makes accurate shots. Titans 3, Cowboys 10.

On the incomplete third down, Micah Parsons struck Dobbs.

Dobbs finds Robert Woods for the first down with 1:59 remaining. Woods made a wise YAC by pursuing the first down marker.

Two minutes’ notice. Cowboys at 20; Titans. Dallas’ two errors have opened the door. Dobbs completed 7 of 13 passes for 113 yards and the turnover.

2:04 left: Oh boy. Trevon Diggs came close to intercepting Dobbs. It might have been a pick six.

Julius Chestnut uses some strong blocks with 3:18 remaining to complete a 33-yard catch and run on the screen.

Kevin Byard INT with 3:33 remaining! Charge Cowboys rookie TE Peyton Hendershot with that one after he fumbled a well-placed throw from Dak Prescott. At their own 36-yard line, the Titans take over.

Michael Gallup’s toe-tapping catch for a first down with 3:55 remaining.

Mario Edwards TFL with 5:11.

Titans offense goes three-and-out with 6:43 left. In 20 plays, Dobbs attempted 10 passes and ran three times. Without Derrick Henry, the Titans must still have some kind of a rushing assault.

Teair Tart recovers a Dak Prescott missed shot with 8:03 remaining. Near midfield, the Titans have the ball.

T.Y. Hilton’s first down catch with 9:12 left.

Joshua Dobbs is sacked by Dante Fowler with 9:48 remaining and loses the ball. Dallas soccer. Ouch. There was a missed opportunity to score.

With 11:47 remaining, Dobbs’ QB sneak gains the Cowboys’ 30.

Dobbs to Racey McMath for 39 yards up the hash with 13:53 remaining. Wow. Outstanding toss.

DeMarcus Lawrence knocks the ball out of Josh Dobbs’ hands with 14:49 remaining. The ball is recovered and thrown aside by Dobbs.

Brett Maher makes a successful field goal at 14:56.

Titans 0; Cowboys 10.

1:0 into the first quarter: On third and 1, the quarter concludes with a Jack Gibbens TFL.

With 1:55 remaining, Cowboys backup running back Malik Davis is taking up Tony Pollard’s duties. On this drive, Davis had a 23-yard carry and an 18-yard catch and run.

Dallas is once more ominous.

Robert Woods and Austin Hooper need to make those catches with 3:47 remaining if the Titans are to have any success tonight with Josh Dobbs as quarterback. There were two seasoned drops on the drive, and Woods’ drop might have resulted in a significant gain.

Rather, a three-and-out and a punt by the Titans.

Edward Elliott With 4:36 remaining, the Cowboys score a touchdown to take the lead. To score, Ezekiel Elliott extends the ball past the goal line. TD run for 1 yard.

Brett Maher did PAT a favor. Titans 0; Cowboys 7.

Roger McCreary, DPI, and Noah Brown did a good job of selling it at 6:32. Dallas is down first.

With 7:28 left, former Titans foe T.Y. Hilton successfully completes a third down reception to advance the ball inside the Titans’ 30-yard line.

Dalton Schultz caught a 13-yard pass into Tennessee territory with 9:10 remaining.

Titans’ drive is stopped with 10:06 remaining. Despite Ryan Stonehouse’s poor punt, Dallas has an outstanding field position thanks to a strong return and a Titans procedural penalty.

Starting offensive line for the Titans:

  • Le’Raven Clark as the right tackle
  • Guard, right: Jordan Roos
  • the middle: Corey Levin
  • Aaron Brewer is the left guard.
  • Dennis Daley at left tackle

11:04 left: A Dobbs carry for a first down is canceled out by a holding call on Treylon Burks. Burks made a pretty blatant grip on the edge.

On the Titans’ opening play, Joshua Dobbs found Chig Okonkwo for 12 yards with 12:28 remaining.

Rashad Weaves intercepts a Dak Prescott ball on third down near midfield with 12:40 remaining. The Cowboys punt.

With 14:14 left, CeeDee Lamb successfully caught a first down against Tre Avery. a gain of 14.

Titans win the coin toss; Cowboys will kick off the game with 15 minutes remaining. Let’s see what tonight has in store.

Among the inactive Titans stars is Derrick Henry

Along with other Titans starters including Jeffery Simmons, Denico Autry, and Kristian Fulton, Derrick Henry is out due to a questionable injury.

You can access the whole list of inactive here. Tony Pollard is not playing for Dallas. On Wednesday, Micah Parsons was deemed uncertain but is now present.

Several reports state that Joshua Dobbs will start for the Titans tonight. The backup will be Malik Willis.

The Titans’ storyline under Mike Vrabel is that they perform at their highest level when people are most critical of them. The defeats to Philadelphia and Buffalo have damaged this narrative, although practically every club experiences defeats.

The Cowboys are tonight’s 13-point away favorites. Can the Titans conjure up some rogue magic?

When and on which TV channel will the Titans vs. Cowboys be broadcast?

The game will begin at 7:15 CT. Local coverage of the game will be provided by NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, and it will also be streamed nationally on Amazon Prime Video.

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