iPhone Apps For Your NY Resolutions

New year, new beginnings. Short of employing an app company to write you a custom app, it’s hard to stick to all your resolutions without them all being in one place. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite improvement apps and why they’ll help you achieve more this January.

Calm – for Meditation

Develop a sense of mindfulness and awareness by incorporating meditation into your everyday. Daily meditation can empower you to be more present in each moment, and better handle the challenges and demands of everyday life.

Meditation can help you stay motivated and committed to making positive changes throughout the year, providing you with structure and purpose. 

With pre-built meditation courses and other features such as mood-tracking, sleep stories, and soundscapes to work with, Calm can help you monitor and maintain your mental health. The app is inexpensive at $70 per year and features some of your favourite celebrities to help you quiet that pesky inner monologue.

Nike Training App – for Workouts

One of the most common resolutions for the start of the year is improving fitness. This explains why gyms are mostly inaccessible during January! 

Avoid overcrowded gyms and work out from home using Nike Training, which gives you free access to several on-demand video workouts from Yoga to HIIT. Whatever your fitness levels, there is a workout for you.

Use the custom training plan feature to enter your goals and availability to give you a whole training plan. You can even start the following day, giving yourself that final slice of cake!

The app also contains other health advice and dietary tips for optimizing your results.

MyFitnessPal – for Food Tracking

Exercise is just one part of the puzzle, with diet accounting for around 75% of your fitness journey. But are you really keeping track of what goes into your mouth?

Doctors recommend keeping a food diary to log all food that passes through your lips, including drinks. For one, it can show you your standard calorific intake, but it can also make you more aware of when you’re snacking and not really paying attention.

MyFitnessPal is a food diary app with a substantial user-sourced database packed with detailed macro information, giving you an idea of what percentage of carbs, fats, and protein, you’re ingesting per day. With the subscription, you can access more of this juicy data, including the ability to scan barcodes for easy logging.

Habit – for Habit-Tracking

Finally, keep track of all your new habits with this fun and free habit-tracking app. Gone are the days of paper checklists and sticker charts; we now have an app to do that for us!

Habit lets you input your daily, weekly and monthly routines into its fun interface, allowing you to keep track with a progress bar. For some, it can integrate with other apps (for example, logging your steps? On iOS, Habit integrates with your health app!)

Use these four apps to have the best chance of achieving your goals for 2023!

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