How Does School ERP Software Help In Library Management?

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.”- Sidney Sheldon 

Libraries are and have always been a crucial part of the education system, and for institutes like schools, colleges and universities it is a must to have a properly functioning library, which can provide students with the books they need. However, for the proper functioning of a library, it needs to be maintained, traditionally libraries are maintained by the librarians manually. However, with schools and institutes working towards becoming technically advanced, they need to upgrade their library management system too. Fortunately with the use of school ERP software institutes can digitize their libraries too. 

As we know a school ERP system is used to do and manage daily school activities digitally, in the same way it can be used to maintain the library digitally too. Doing so helps the school and students both, and thus, every school must start using it now!! Let’s see how it is beneficial.

Data Storage: Traditionally whenever librarians have to maintain records of ordered books, issued books, books that need to be exchanged and other details, they write all these things in the register with their hands. This takes lots of time and energy, as well as this system may not be 100%. However, when schools use library management systems librarians can store all of the data on the desktop, and maintaining it is not time-consuming. What’s more advantageous is that it organizes all of the data in a systematic manner, which makes it easier for the librarians to find any information easily.

Reduced Workload: When all the information like issued books, unreturned books, and real-time analysis of the whole library is available at a few simple clicks, it reduces the daily workload of the library staff. This enhances their productivity and they have more time on their hands to pay attention to other important work like taking out old edition books and stocking the shelves with new edition books for the students.

Ease For Students: We all know how packed libraries are during the exam season, this causes long lines and hours of wait for students and hectic working hours for librarians. Library staff have to check the availability of books, issue the books, and collect late fines or security deposits from final-year students. However, if the school uses ERP software for library management then students can check the availability of books, get them issued digitally and pay for any fine or deposit themselves. This makes the whole process easy and less time-consuming.

Easy To Operate: The digital library management system is simple and easy to use, its user-friendly interface makes it easier for the staff and students to navigate through it with ease. Not only this, many ERP software for schools have mobile-friendly applications too, making the library more accessible to the students. 

Cost-Efficient: Maintaining library accounts and records manually can be costly, and every school has its budget for every department. By making a one-time investment in the digital library management system schools can save on recurring costs they pay for maintenance of the library. The petty costs like stationery and account books cost can also be saved, and these small and big savings will help the school to use the fund in better places like providing better learning resources to the students and expanding school premises as per the growing need of the students. 

24*7 Access: With features like mobile application and online issue and viewing, students can check out required references and book availability anytime they want and from anywhere. This saves them unnecessary trips to the library.

Data Security: The accounts and files of the school’s library also contain important and sensitive data, like bank details of school and book vendors, the payment amount made for the purchase of new book bundles or the account details of students from which they make fine payments. Using a library management system which provides cloud storage and a digital security system safely helps safeguard all this information from cyber threats. 


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