Hackers Using Famous Movies To Spread Malware Through Torrents: How To Remain Secure?

People are becoming more cautious of malware attacks, but hackers are becoming smarter and developing new tactics to trick users. They continually innovate, find new ways to deceive people, and harm the web.

Hackers are skilled at making their downloads appear legitimate, such as a full free movie that is “only available in theaters.”  They are using famous movies to spread malware through torrents. And this activity was confirmed by security experts who found a brand-new type of malware that infiltrates computers using the mask from the most recent Spider-Man movie. 

To prevent this danger and secure your movie streaming, the best VPN for Torrent is the key. While using a free VPN for Torrent may seem like a nice idea, but I’ll be honest with you: We tested more than 40 free VPNs for torrent over the course of several weeks, and some of the results shocked us in a bad way.

Before diving into the results of our VPN test, let’s discuss first the problem at hand. Why do hackers use movies through torrents to penetrate into your device?

Because many people prefer to watch movies from the comfort of their homes, using famous movies to spread malware via torrents has become a new trick today. 

Picture this. The movie is currently playing in theaters, and tickets are either selling out quickly or being priced out of reach. Covid lockdowns in some locations prevent people from physically entering a theater. All noteworthy, some viewers are looking for alternative movie viewing options. These people frequently download the film—often referred to as a “leaked file”— for free from the Internet to watch it. This, however, has an underlying “cost” – the malware.

For example, experts observed a running coin miner or crypto miner software malware where malicious VBScript is inserted into ZIP files in fake movie downloads. Hidden cryptocurrency mining tools have become increasingly popular in recent years because hackers make money available with little effort. 

Targeting many victims as conceivable is made simple by concealing a cryptocurrency mining device in a file that will undoubtedly garner huge attention, such as a newly released Hollywood movie.

How do hackers do it?

One of the many common ways that cybercriminals spread these viruses is through peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Additionally, Trojans, fake software upgrade tools, spam email campaigns, and other unreliable download sources are used to spread the malware.

Devious attachments such as archives, executables, Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and more are sent in spam emails, and when opened, the malware automatically is installed.

Malicious executables, like free movie downloads, are disguised as legitimate ones and trick users into installing and downloading malware.

How can malware attacks be prevented?

To be straightforward, lack of awareness of these dangers and careless behavior are the main causes of online attacks.

Caution is essential for online security. Thus, always be cautious when downloading and updating software over the internet. Before opening email attachments, be cautious and use anti-malware tools. 

Additionally, only use direct download links from official websites to download your programs. Such tools are not to be used because rogue apps are frequently included in third-party downloaders and installers. Software updates follow the same rules.

How to remain 100% secure while streaming?

We recommend using a reputable premium VPN to assure 100% security while streaming. Using free VPNs that try to sell you out with their budget-practical service is always a trap.

We understand that premium VPNs may be costly, but what’s more valuable than having peace of mind that you’ll never be subjected to web attacks?

During our tests with free VPNs, our IP address and identifying information were repeatedly exposed online. Others completely blocked P2P transfers, and almost all had data caps so limited and connection speeds so slow that I couldn’t in good faith recommend them as safe torrenting options.

With a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, your security is never compromised. You can stream, download, install, and update any apps and files that you want. And you’ll have no anxiety about malware penetration and web attacks.

ExpressVPN has the most enhanced VPN protocol and VPN technology, independently verified and audited to certify crucial privacy protections. 

Because VPN servers run solely on RAM, all data is erased with each reboot. Plus, its global servers do not write to the hard drive, reducing data risk even further.

ExpressVPN also employs a strict no-log policy, 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, and TrustedServers features. All these taken together, this VPN is the number one choice for streaming buffs and security-conscious people. Aren’t we all?

Final Words

Hackers using famous movies to spread malware through Torrent cannot execute their evil plans with the best VPN for Torrenting and the best VPN for online streaming.

VPNs are handy digital tools that work several tasks in one. They allow you to access geo-restricted material while keeping your anonymity intact. Plus, they also ensure security and privacy by offering VPN features that maximize these aspects.

Truly a heaven-sent, VPNs deserve a place in your budget. Stream and download your favorite movies without issues with ExpressVPN. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask us!

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