Features Of Association LMS That Your Organization Should Have

There are numerous reasons why people join organizations. The pursuit of advancement by your members can be attributed to a variety of factors, including socialization, leadership development, and professional growth.

When it comes to socializing, face-to-face gatherings continue to play a prominent role. These in-person social gatherings can also include leadership development and learning activities. However, in today’s world, we also want to be able to interact with people outside of scheduled social gatherings. We want to be able to learn outside of a traditional conference setting. We want the freedom to know whenever and wherever we want. Organizations that want to simplify the learning process frequently invest in a learning management system.

How Does An Association LMS Differ From A Normal Employee-Based LMS?

Offering workforce training opportunities is a beneficial service and a significant revenue stream for associations. This is where a normal employee LMS differs from one that is more focused on compliance. So, let’s have a look at the features of an association LMS that fulfills the specific business requirements of the organization:

1. Event Integration

Events are critical in terms of non-dues revenue. You can generate income in ways you may not have previously thought of by incorporating both virtual and hybrid events with your training. When you run events using your LMS, they become a continuous revenue stream rather than a one-time event. Even after the event is over, you can still sell the recording, which will provide your members with a crucial learning opportunity.

2. Data & Analytics

An association LMS like Absorb could benefit your company by expanding your reach, providing employee training, cutting costs associated with face-to-face interactions, and generating more non-dues income. When you develop content, structure your courses, and have learners visit your LMS, you get more than simply greater revenue and engagement.

You can keep track of and store a variety of crucial learner data using an LMS that offers flexible integrations, like Absorb software. You can readily observe how popular courses and events are, where learners are dropping out and disconnecting, what people are buying, and whether or not specific training approaches are effective. You may use this data to monitor, analyze, and enhance learner uptake as well as behavioral and financial performance, allowing you to outperform your competitors.

3. Integration With AMS

Let us not forget the importance of integrating association management systems. Your AMS is in charge of a variety of membership functions, such as payments, contact details, and areas of interest. Everything is shared with the integration of AMS-LMS. If it does not connect with your association management system, it is not the right LMS for you.

4. Excellent User Management And Tracking

Members and learners must be aware of their training progress, whether it is through a course, accreditation program, learning training course, or other mandatory training. An association LMS that provides this level of user administration will therefore be very beneficial to its users and will incentivize them to frequent the system frequently to manage and monitor their training.

5. Online Social Networks

When employees learn together, they learn more effectively. An excellent association LMS for organizations that do more than merely host traditional and self-guided course materials can benefit your learners. Throughout the year, it will serve as a focal point for engagement and connection. Look for an LMS that offers forums and other communication and interaction tools for your group. A suitable LMS can assist associations in connecting their members, which is one of their key objectives.

6. Learner Communication And Collaboration

Social media technologies are becoming increasingly important for member collaboration. As a result, discussion groups, websites, and special-interest communities must be created. By allowing these options in your LMS, your association members will be able to develop relationships with other people who are in the same course, belong to a specific sort of group, have similar interests, and communicate for a variety of reasons linked to learning within the LMS. Furthermore, this feature will provide your members even another reason to return to your association’s LMS, as it will function as a sort of informal learning assistance, particularly for members spread across a broad geographical area.

7. Certifications

An association LMS can help organizations with a variety of tasks. One of the most important things is to provide ongoing training and education to your membership. This is only one of the differences between an LMS for organizations and one for enterprises. Learning and development are, of course, critical along the journey. However, the money spent on learning and development is essentially an investment in your company. Learning has its own set of rewards and acknowledgments. It’s even better when it immediately promotes their career progress. That is why a certification-distribution LMS is critical for associations.


Your association LMS can give you what your organization needs to offer a full learning experience, from automating and streamlining the learning process to giving the essential learning certifications your members desire. Additionally, you can streamline the process on both ends and give your staff and employees a seamless online learning experience by integrating your LMS and AMS.

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