Cloud gaming – what is it, and what is its advantage?

Cloud gaming is online gaming where you are given a specific portal to play your favorite game. It works similarly to the streaming services such as Netflix, where you pay for a subscription or buy a certain plan for up to one year or more. So, once you become a member, you can get unlimited access to a game library. Now you are the master of using your account, so you can use your mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen as you like to play the game. Some people may confuse it with that of playing at sites such as 7Slots, though those are provided on the sites; however, the way of playing is different. 

Cloud gaming works as gaming on demand, where you can choose to play from an extensive library containing the newest games or look for an old game. So you do not need to download a game, but cloud streaming is bringing you the best ones streaming. However, to play smoothly, you must have a good internet connection.

Types of Cloud Gaming 

There are three main types of loud Gaming:

  • Video streaming: It allows the players to play at high-end settings provided with premium graphics. So, for video streaming, the player must have a fast and reliable internet connection. 
  • Command Streaming: With this type, the graphics and clouds are processed in the cloud, and it does not require high bandwidth for the internet for video transmission. 
  • File Streaming: With this type, the players have to download up to 5% of the files on their devices to download a game, requiring them to play on a specific device where they are downloaded. 

The advantages of Cloud Gaming

Following are the benefits of Cloud Gaming: 

A Big Game Library

One of the most significant advantages of cloud gaming is that you get an extensive titles list from where you can choose different games to play. Also, these games restrict you to a specific device, and instead, these are available to play on other devices. 

Moreover, the companies that include Microsoft, which is moving towards cloud gaming, have already made it clear that the users will have access to all the games available on Xbox. There could be speculations among the users that such game providers must be providing the ‘lite; version of those, which is again baseless. The player has to purchase the game, which will be available with all its features. 

Moreover, with the cloud version, the updates are easier to install because it does not take as much time as with the loaded ones, which are automatically installed. 

Convenient Access to Play

The easy-to-access game titles are another beneficial aspect of cloud gaming because once you have purchased a game, you can play it on your PC or console by logging into your account. Therefore, it provides very convenient access from any place, so you must have a good internet connection. 

Well, now playing is much easier and you can have some fun while playing even if you are in a boring situation such as on a long trip or sitting in a waiting room. Cloud gaming will accompany you in all places and situations. 

Multiple Devices Option

The only prerequisite to playing with cloud gaming is that you must have a strong internet connection; however, it does not restrict you to any device to play your favorite game. Instead, you can pick any of your devices, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, laptops, or consoles. 

Cloud gaming makes it easier for the users and frees them of constriction to have specific gaming devices, as earlier, you could not play a PS5 game without its device. However, now Cloud gaming spares you of such difficulty of spending your money on expensive devices. 

Ultimate Security

There could be a huge security concern while playing online, such as hackers can steal valuable information after hacking a game. However, cloud gaming is already and safest and most securest channel, and through the authentication features, it protects the players.

No Constant Upgrades are Required

The games have been from the decades, and by the time a certain game is a big hit, so, later any time a user would like to try. For example, a game developed in the 1990s requires older versions of PCs or consoles to work and is incompatible with the latest upgrades.  

Moreover, the game developers are now incorporating the latest technologies into the games. Thus the users require an upgraded device to play it. At the same time, cloud gaming frees the users from such situations, and the player does not have to rely on the hardware anymore. Instead, you only stream a game with a good internet connection.

So, now the choice is all yours. That is how you want to play; for example; you do not need a costly CPU or GPU; if you want a premium experience, fix a big HD monitor. Or you can set it up with a fully functional monitor that can work best for you!

Piracy Elimination

Another huge advantage of cloud gaming is that now there are no chances of piracy because there is no physical or downloaded game that could be copied. With this, the games are safe from illegal distributions.

Now you can choose a convenient subscription plan and play the original games available in the pirated versions at the same cost. In this way, cloud gaming creates a different environment for the players where they are provided with reliability and trust while playing.

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