Android Studio Error

Had correctly installed the application, had appropriately setup the JAVA_HOME, still it was not able to find the JDK and complains about the ver 1.6.0_17. 32 bit version works with and without quotes, 64 bit works only without. Delete your all user variable paths from Environments Variable, and keep only two (TEMP & TMP) variables, it will work. This should eliminate the error message that you are getting.

If you close the terminal or start a new session, it will be empty again. JAVA_HOME should be set to the root of your Java installation. Secondly, you can take a look at the .bashrc of the id with which OpenDayLight is launching and set JAVA_HOME in this file.

Do note that if you change the default Java version in the future, you’ll have to change the value of JAVA_HOME and point it to the correct executable path. Inside the next window, look for an environment variable that mentions Java. When you manage to locate it, change it’s value to the correct location that you previously identified at step 2. In order to resolve the issue, you why does platinum metal make a good catalytic surface for reactant molecules? will need to fetch the location of your Java installation and ensure that the Java Environment variable points to the correct location. Several affected users have confirmed that this operation finally allowed them to fix the problem. I realized that if I was launching VSC by the application itself, it was doing this error, while if I launch VSC through the terminal, all’s good.

When you install the openjdk JRE or JDK, I don’t think, a JAVA_HOME environment variable is created for you. If this scenario is applicable, you can fix the issue by uninstalling the entire Java environment + auxiliaries and installing the latest version again. This method has been confirmed to be successful for a lot of affected users that were struggling with the ‘No JVM could be found on your system ’.

Do a final restart and see if the issue is resolved at the next system startup. At the next startup, repeat the action that was previously causing the error and see if the issue is now resolved. Nam Ha Minh is certified Java programmer .

If you need some other specific Java version, you’ll have to specify it while installing Java on Ubuntu. The above command checks the version of Java compiler. If it is installed, it will show the Java version. The steps should be valid for most other Linux distributions as well. Once the main Java installation is uninstalled, repeat the same procedure with every auxiliary installation (Java updates, NodeJs, etc.).

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