5 Reasons Why A 10×10 canopy Is Ideal For Startups For The Trade Shows

The small business owners must know by now that the canopy tents are the most popular and effective way to promote the business at the trade shows and other outdoor events. But there are various options for customizing the size of the tents. If you have a startup business, then it’s best to go with the standard 10X10 pop-up tent. 

But why? Here go the reasons.

1. Unobstructed view at a single glance

Imagine a potential customer entering a huge ground area where there are too many stalls, and they cant observe everything at the same time. How will you present your company before then many other competing companies? 

A bigger tent? No. Because people may take a look at the bigger tent, but little of them will like to entre another huge space. But the 10X10 customized canopy is the right size to encourage visitors to walk up to it. This means that you will get more potential leads.

2. A friendly way of promotion

What happens when a customer walks into an extremely plush store? The person becomes afraid of breaking stuff or may feel like the person does not fit in the place.so, instead of creating a grand arrangement for the canopy, keep the 10×10 canopy simple. It will make people feel that your company is not selling expensive items but only selling cost-effective items. The friendly notion will help to draw more customers to the canopy.

3. Complies to all spaces

The standard size of the tent is perfect for suiting in any available space. Unless it’s some major international show, the chances are high that the venue of maximum outdoor shows will offer space enough to accommodate the 10X10 size of the tents only.

If you carry a bigger tent, you may have to lease it additional space. Why shell out more money when you can manage within this amount?

4. Better planning

Once you start using the tent with the same dimensions, it will be easier to plan the arrangement inside, you need to display the product or service, and you will also need enough space to accommodate at least 16 to 20 people.

If you are buying from the reputed manufacturers, the standard size canopy will easily cover a 100 sq. ft. area. You can arrange it in a number of ways, like in cocktail arrangements or keeping tables and chairs.

5. Quick to print

At the initial phase of a company, you may take time to make decisions. Naturally, joining a trade show can be a hasty decision too. It is possible to print only the standard size tents at such short notice. All you need to do is to discuss the design with the company so that the printers can customize the tent aptly.

Customized canopies of standard size have always helped small companies to grow and expand. The expert designers can tell you how to attract people further with simple but eye-catchy designs and color combinations. The logo will also be a part of the branding element.

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