Simple Ways to Improve Internet Speed and Streaming Quality

We have seen the popularity of online streaming services grow significantly over the past few years. Streaming platforms like HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Crackle, ITV Hub, and Hulu have gained a significantly large number of subscribers. And because the masses are adopting streaming services subscriptions over conventional cable or satellite TV, local ISPs are offering more to their subscribers for less. 

But along with the rise in the usage of streaming services, buffering issues also prevail. It can be so annoying when the buffering icon appears after every minute on your screen while you are enjoying your favorite show, film, or a live football game.

Know that this is a problem that many people are facing, and you are not alone. To overcome the slow speed internet issue while you watch ITV Hub in Australia or as a matter of fact, any other streaming service, we are providing some tips that will fix your internet speed.  

Once your internet starts working properly it will automatically improve the quality of streaming.

Upgrade The Internet Connection and Get Higher Speeds

When did you last think about looking into your internet speed plan and upgrading it? Your answer must be several years ago when you first got the internet connection or changed your ISPs. You also might have chosen the best internet plan as well to cater to your needs at that time. 

Now along with time, a lot has changed, with more devices connected and using the internet, you can not keep operating on the low-tier package which you opted for at first.

If you are a binge-watcher and like to stream immersive shows every day while other family members have other online activities like online games, movies, vlogging, etc, you need a download speed of 100Mbps, at least. However, every ISP might not be available in your area in Australia, so check the area availability beforehand when deciding on the new internet option. You will see a significant difference when streaming on a higher-speed plan.

Place Your Network Router at a Better Place

If you are constantly having issues while streaming and are getting frustrated, changing the placement of your device might solve your problem. It won’t be easy if you are streaming on your TV to change its place so let’s try putting your Wi-Fi router in another place where it can catch the signals easily and transmit them to your streaming devices efficiently.

The issue with Wi-Fi in Australia is that it is not immune to any or all interference happening in your signals because of physical obstructions like walls and closed doors or any other equipment that might block your signals. What you can do is, place your Wi-Fi router in the middle of your house so it can transmit signals without any hindrance or disruptions. 

Apart from moving your Wifi device, try adjusting its antennas to a different position. It will also help to provide you with more speed, better signals, and a quality streaming experience in Australia. If the issue is not resolved, change your Wi-Fi device or get a Wi-fi signal booster to better the quality of your signals and to access it from every corner of your house.

Enhance the Signal Range With a Wi-Fi Booster

If messing with your router and its settings seems a bit too daunting to you, invest in getting a Wi-Fi extender or repeater if you have some spare money to spend. These Wi-Fi-extending devices can be plugged into a separate wall socket. You can connect your Wi-Fi connection to these and these will receive the internet beamed from the router and will extend it, making your internet access to a larger area.

Usually, these devices are simple to set up and easy to use and will get rid of the Wi-Fi dead area in your house quite instantly. The repeated or extended wireless signal will not give you the strong signal same as the one received straight from the router, but you can outplay this by positioning your devices correctly. So again the position of your devices is very important. 

Upgrade Your Network Router

There can be plenty of reasons behind the fact that you don’t have a high-quality streaming experience. Even after upgrading the speed of your internet connection, if the issue still persists, then it may be your router that is causing it. So, you need to get a new router. 

The majority of people use the router they are given by their internet service provider when they get an internet connection in Australia. However, with ever-evolving technology and the significant increase in internet usage, it is necessary that you upgrade your Wi-Fi router after 3-4 years.

Furthermore, routers available now in the market are particularly designed to provide the user with greater coverage reaching all parts of your house. So upgrade your internet connection by getting a new router and you will see a significant difference in your internet speed and streaming experience.

Disconnect the Idle Devices

When it comes to the internet, everyone has devices that are connected to the internet at home, whether they are in use or just on standby. If you are also included in this category and have different devices connected to the internet, go and disconnect any device that is not in use at the moment. 

The thing with having multiple devices connected to your network at once is that programs and apps running in the background will soak up a lot of your bandwidth. If you disconnect extra devices it surely will boost your internet speed and will provide you with a lag-free and without excessive buffering streaming experience.

Double Check the Data Limits 

Most internet service providers will provide limited data caps. If your data usage exceeds the limited number, you will encounter slow-speed of internet, abrupt stops, annoying buffers, and consistent lags. Your ISP in Australia will restrain your connection speed, weakening every signal. So, make sure that you opt for a higher speed and unlimited data caps option to enjoy gaming or a quality streaming experience.

Final Words

Hopefully, the tips given above will serve you right in providing you with a high-quality streaming experience on Binge or even on Optus Sport. Moreover, keep a check on your internet speed regularly by doing an online speed test so that if you are experiencing an internet connection with slow-speed than what you paid for, just contact your ISP customer support.

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