How to choose the best PMP Certification Training Institute?

Today businesses have grown global, and operations are increasingly growing complex every day. More and more operations are handled through projects given to teams that are often specially created for the purpose. It is thus hardly surprising that Project Management Professionals are in such huge demand these days. However, even as people rush to fulfill this demand by taking PMP certification training, they must first determine which institute to go for.

It is a good question to wonder about as a PMP certification is not just about a pen and paper test but is about acquiring several vital skills such as the ability to handle these projects, agility, decision-making skills, adaptability, team building skills, motivational skills, etc. Thus the importance of the choice of institute can’t be gainsaid. To make a choice easy for people seeking the course, the following tips are recommended:

  • Check the faculty.

The first and one of the most important things to look for in a PMP certification training institute is the quality of faculty – their knowledge, experience, etc. Since it is these people who must teach one the necessary skills and knowledge, one’s training is only as good as they are.

  • Check the customer testimonies.

Almost every PMP institute worth its name will have good customer testimonies on its website. Thus one can quickly eliminate from one’s list of alternatives any institute website which doesn’t have any testimonies.

  • Check the course contents.

It is highly recommended that you go through all the information that may be availed by the institute in question. The course contents are a valuable bit of information. One can easily compare all that information as provided by various institutes to reach a decision. It will also help one determine whether the institute adheres to the highest PMI Standards.

  • Online ratings and reviews

Another smart strategy is to consider the online ratings and reviews given to various institutes as they can help one ascertain the quality of training provided by various institutes.

  • Consider the price of training.

The last but not least important tip while considering the institute is the price of training. One must note that though price should not be a primary consideration, one should not go for an institute that one can’t afford. Otherwise, the fee of the course is very likely to pay itself many times in terms of increased salaries and other benefits over the years to follow and thus should be thought of as an investment only and not as an expense.

The Bottom Line


One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that the PMP course is only as good as the training institute provides. It is hoped that the above list of tips and considerations will help people make the right decision. It is always a smart strategy to start with a list of possible options and then eliminate those that fail to meet the above list of criteria.

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