‘A long road ahead’ in the complex Murdaugh criminal tale, according to an ABC 20/20 special

11:02 p.m.

The Murdaugh cases are not yet resolved.

There are families out there who are still looking for justice, answers, and resolution.

Some victims’ murderers or murderers are still at large.

Currently incarcerated on a $7 million bond that he has not yet paid, Alex Murdaugh is being sued as well as being charged with 51 financial offenses.

Families and entire communities are still in shock and need years to recover.

The system still needs to be fixed.

There is yet a lot more to this drama, which is really intricate. For victims and their families, though, the issue essentially comes down to getting what they are entitled. That would be money to some people. Justice, to some. Answers for everyone.

As we seek to find these solutions together, keep up with the USA TODAY Network’s coverage of this ongoing and sad crime saga.

Murdaugh appears in court more frequently.

Even as lawsuits mount and his assets are frozen, Murdaugh, who is being held in the Richland County jail, makes multiple court appearances in an effort to obtain a bond that he can afford.

Alex Murdaugh faces a protracted criminal journey, according to DeWitt, who spoke to ABC.

A timeline of the murders that took place in the Murdaugh family is provided below.

10:52 p.m.

He is no longer in favor.

The events of the Labor Day weekend are starting to come into more clarity. Alex collaborated with Curtis Smith, his former drug supplier, according to Murdaugh’s counsel, a claim that Smith’s attorney disputes.

Gloria Satterfield’s family members were interviewed by ABC and admitted they were aware that “something was kind of strange here.”

The Satterfield legal scheme begins to take shape, revealing details and criminal accusations.

As the civil lawsuits increase, so do the criminal charges.

A complex financial scam that involves claimed customer treachery, stolen settlements, and a bogus bank account surfaces.

For the first time in the legal history of the Murdaugh family, a Murdaugh is cuffed and wearing an orange jail jumpsuit.

“Your honor, he has fallen from grace,” one of Alex Murdaugh’s attorneys says to the judge.

More legal actions: Alex Murdaugh might be sued in eight further instances for allegedly stealing money.

10:42 p.m.

After being shot in the head, Alex Murdaugh’s entire life starts to fall apart.

Weekend of Labor Day in 2021:

Who’d have thought that a head-shot event could grow worse? Well, for Alex Murdaugh, it happened swiftly.

At the beginning of September, a flurry of activities begins. According to authorities, Alex Murdaugh claims he was shot in the head as part of a conspiracy to get his son Buster $10 million in insurance money.

His great-grandfather’s 1910 law practice severes all links with Murdaugh and issues a statement accusing him of stealing from his colleagues and clients.

Alex admitted to having a heroin addiction in a statement, saying, “I’ve made a lot of actions I sincerely regret.

For Alex Murdaugh, the first of 51 criminal accusations has been filed.

Old ghosts just won’t go away, and the SLED says it’s starting a criminal inquiry into Gloria Satterfield’s death.

Paul and Maggie’s deaths as well as Smith’s death are still unexplained.

10:33 p.m.

One more lawsuit following Gloria Satterfield’s passing

Family members of Gloria Satterfield, Alex Murdaugh’s housekeeper, discuss Gloria’s death’s circumstances and the lawsuit it generated.

SLED released the 911 call regarding Gloria Satterfield’s fatal fall at the Murdaugh residence.

Did you realize?

In 2018, South Carolina’s highest civilian award, the Order of the Palmetto, was given to Randolph Murdaugh III. The same year Gloria Satterfield, Alex Murdaugh’s housekeeper, fell at his residence and eventually passed away.

Stephen Smith’s case has yet another Murdaugh connection.

According to a family member of Stephen Smith, the S.C. Randy Murdaugh, who offered his legal skills, was the second individual to call Stephen’s father, according to the Highway Patrol.

Why would Randy Murdaugh offer his legal skills to Smith’s father immediately following Stephen’s passing? Families and investigators are still puzzled.

Randy said to ABC, “I know of no relation whatsoever of Buster or my family to Stephen Smith’s death.

Stephen Smith’s passing: The Satterfield include Curtis Eddie Smith as a defendant in the Murdaugh case

Did you realize?

The location of Stephen Smith’s grave is only 50 feet or so from Sandy Run route, the same route where his body was discovered in 2015.

The Hampton County Guardian published an editorial and front page story on November 26, 2015, asking the public to come forward with any information regarding Stephen Smith’s passing. Nobody made a statement.

10:21 p.m.

Investigation into the murder of Stephen Smith resumes

S.C. State police claim that whatever they discovered during the investigation into the Murdaugh double killing prompted them to reopen their inquiry into Stephen Smith’s passing.

Smith was discovered dead in the middle of Sandy Run Road in rural Hampton County, leaving behind a distraught mother and twin sister.

His family told ABC that Stephen was really exceptional, was not scared to be himself, and aspired to be a doctor. Stephen was also openly gay.

Stephen’s favorite quote was, “God made me, and God don’t make no mistakes,” Sandy Smith told ABC.

Early on, some police officers opined that, contrary to the official ruling, his death did not appear to be the result of a hit-and-run.

Sandy Smith also didn’t buy it.

She remarked that “a mother knows her child,” adding that he wouldn’t have been out on the street at night.

The county, according to DeWitt, “is buzzing with rumors.”

The rumor with the highest frequency mentioned “the Murdaugh boys.”

Did you know, speaking of homicide?

More than 200 murder cases were tried by Randolph Murdaugh III, who once secured two convictions for the crime in the same week.

10:10 p.m.

A mother and son die together in Maggie and Paul Murdaugh.

The shooting deaths of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh are highlighted in the most recent episode as the turning point in this local South Carolina crime narrative into an international murder mystery.

For the Murdaugh family and for Hampton County, “on the night of June 7, 2021, the world changed,” DeWitt told ABC.

Alex Murdaugh apparently calls 911 in a harrowing, emotional manner after discovering his wife Maggie and youngest son Paul shot to death, according to reports.

Murdaugh called 911 and said “Neither one of them is moving!”

According to reports, they were shot dead and dumped in the soil by the family’s dog kennel.

Randy Murdaugh told ABC, “I couldn’t believe it was true,” recalling Alex’s attempt to reach him when his brother was in tears.

Alex was visiting their mother, Libby, at the time of the shootings, Randy Murdaugh also told ABC. However, according to other accounts, Alex was seen visiting his father when he was in the hospital.

Randy remarked, “There is no way he could have anything to do with the shootings.

However, did police have a suspect? They released a statement saying, “There was no danger to the community.”

According to Randy Murdaugh, the Murdaughs had no enemies.

Other homicides start to surface in the meantime.

9:56 p.m.

the initial lawsuit in a series

Renee Beach speaks to ABC about the wrongful death lawsuit brought in Hampton County against Alex Murdaugh and other individuals who they claim were in charge of giving the underage boaters the alcohol.

This civil lawsuit would serve as a theme in the family’s tragedy. According to counsel for his victims, Alex Murdaugh is currently named in seven civil lawsuits, and at least eight further ones are pending.

Randolph Murdaugh IV, meanwhile, tells ABC that he doesn’t believe his family is a dynasty or has any authority.

Paul was devastated to learn that one of his pals had died, according to Randy Murdaugh. “This was a bunch of guys that went out on a boat, and some very horrible things happened.

However, weeks after the boat accident, nobody had come forward to claim accountability for Mallory’s passing.

When Paul Murdaugh is finally prosecuted, he gets “gentleman’s treatment,” according to DeWitt, who spoke to ABC. An cop is waved away while wearing handcuffs.

9:46 p.m.

a period of doubt and anxiety

Mallory’s family pondered whether her body would be discovered for a week.

Community members pondered whether someone would be detained in connection with this terrible collision for weeks afterward.

John Marvin Murdaugh and Randy Murdaugh claim that the family did not affect the investigation.

According to Randy and John Marvin Murdaugh, who spoke to ABC, neither they nor any other family members attempted to sway the probe.

Back at the crash scene, Philip Beach tells ABC that he and his family spent every day beside the river in the hopes that Mallory would be discovered.

Nearly every phone in Hampton County was ringing.

Phones are ringing all across Hampton County an hour after the tragedy.

The survivors of the boat accident are transferred to Beaufort Memorial Hospital, but according to witnesses, Alex and Randolph Murdaugh III arrive immediately and allegedly advise the survivors not to speak with the authorities and that they would handle everything.

Paul Murdaugh’s blood was drawn for medical purposes, but no field sobriety tests were ever administered.

9:35 pm.

Paul Murdaugh, who was irate and reportedly under the influence, and missing evidence

Survivors of the boat disaster attest that Paul Murdaugh became irate and confrontational, and there are numerous reports regarding missing evidence from the crash site.

9:30 p.m.

Public statements are made by Mallory Beach’s parents.

As ABC 20/20 hears tearful statements from Phillip and Renee Beach and speaks to those who knew her, including one of her former teachers, this segment will impact the readers’ hearts in a terrible way. Additionally, we hear from the lawyers for Connor Cook, one of the boat disaster survivors.

In a heated exchange with a Beaufort County deputy, Anthony Cook is heard yelling at Paul Murdaugh and providing the authorities an early hint as to who may have been operating the boat that fatal February night.

But from the start, many who survived the boat accident were concerned about whether Alex Murdaugh, the son of a former 14th Circuit solicitor, would ever face charges.

Mallory Beach case: A family files a lawsuit alleging conspiracy and social media harassment.

Did you realize?

The Murdaughs are so well-known and well-connected in the 14th Circuit that more than one officer who responded to the scene had some connection to the family, whether it be through mutual participation in hunting or golf, employment by the family, or other relationships.

9:22 p.m.

Mallory Beach boat accident: “There’s a girl in the water”

The second half focuses on testimony from and interviews with survivors of boat crashes, their families, and lawyers.

They can be heard yelling for the missing adolescent Mallory Beach during the 911 call.

Lawyers secure a deal for the sons of the former Murdaugh family housekeeper in a legal dispute.

9:17 p.m.

alcohol’s influencing nature

The first part of the program concentrates on Paul Murdaugh’s allegedly drunken boating incident, which put his family in the national and state news.

Interesting fact: Hampton County residents made up the majority of the Murdaugh boat’s passengers that evening.

Did you realize?

The Murdaugh family’s earlier generations had issues with alcohol. Randolph “Buster” Murdaugh Jr., Paul’s great-grandfather, was allegedly accused of participating in a moonshine conspiracy. He wasn’t found responsible.

9:10 p.m.

What information about Hampton County is necessary?

named after: Wade Hampton, a former Confederate general who later served as governor of South Carolina.

Population: 18,561 people, 6,993 houses, with a preponderance of Black people (53.1%).

Location: South Carolina’s southeast

It was established in 1878 and separated from Beaufort County during restoration.

Known for: The Hampton County Watermelon celebration, which is said to be South Carolina’s oldest continuously held celebration.

Informative statistics

– While federal troops were occupying Beaufort County’s coastal districts during the Civil War, many planters fled to what is now Hampton County. In 1865, when they went through the county, Union General Tecumseh Sherman’s army engaged Confederate forces in a number of skirmishes.

– Prior local authorities weren’t even aware that the Town of Hampton was formally known as The Town of Hampton Courthouse. The name was a remnant from earlier records that was never altered.

– Vertamae Grosvenor, a writer, and athlete Lucile Ellerbe Godbold (1900–1981) both grew up in Hampton County. Godbold won two gold medals in track and field in the 1922 Olympics. Born in Tallahassee, Florida, but subsequently relocated to Varnville, South Carolina, where he attended Wade Hampton High School before playing outfield for the Chicago Cubs, California Angels, Baltimore Orioles, and Atlanta Braves between 1989 and 1996.

9:06 p.m.

Getting things ready

The title of the program is directly derived from Michael DeWitt’s opening line, “This is the Fall of the House of Murdaugh.”

9:02 p.m.

from the photographer’s covert journalist

The editor of The Hampton County Guardian got the chance to speak with ABC News Correspondent Eva Pilgrim about tonight’s episode of 20/20 before the show.

She said the following.

The following morning after the double homicides, we began developing this tale. I received a communication about it from a source, and I immediately began contacting other South Carolinians I know to learn more.

I’m a native of South Carolina. After I graduated from USC, my entire family continued to reside there. As a journalist, it is crucial to me to present every story with respect and objectivity.

“In the 20/20 version of this story, we hear from many of the victims and their families, including some who have never spoken before. It’s them speaking for themselves.

The USA TODAY Network will be keeping up with tonight’s airing of “The Fall of the House of Murdaugh,” an ABC “20/20” two-hour special on the ongoing Murdaugh crime tale in South Carolina.

S.C. has been suspended while state police look into the mysterious murders of his wife and youngest son. In conjunction with a slew of alleged scams that threaten to drag down other lawyers and could implicate at least two local bankers, attorney Richard “Alex” Murdaugh is facing 51 criminal charges, seven lawsuits, and connections to two additional murders and a tragic boat crash.

What’s known: The Murdaugh killings’ timeline and the lawyer father’s failed insurance fraud scheme

See inside for Alex Murdaugh’s claimed botched suicide-for-hire 911 calls.

A look at the Murdaugh family through photos

This episode covers the most recent information in the unfolding tale of the Murdaugh family murders, Murdaugh’s alleged financial misdeeds, and other incidents involving the family. The program also includes new, exclusive interviews with several of Murdaugh’s alleged victims, some of whom are speaking up for the first time, as well as members of the Murdaugh family.

This live blog provides comments, behind-the-scenes details, fascinating statistics, and insights from our original reporting from Hampton County, South Carolina, the “ground zero” of the crime tale and home of the Murdaugh family, during tonight’s true-crime episode.

Michael M. DeWitt Jr., editor of The Hampton County Guardian, has followed the Murdaugh family throughout his whole career and has been writing about this story since 2015. Since 1879, Guardian editors have reported on the Murdaugh family, including both praise and criticism. Every major player in this case is someone DeWitt personally knows.

This blog will be updated as the show progresses. Please reload to see any updates.

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